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System sizing

Wind Power is determined by how much wind is present on an annual basis, and how much power is needed. Please contact us for a site evaluation.

Currently we are looking for Dealers, contact us for more information

Each system is covered by a manufacturers warranty, and we warranty the installation for
1 year.

Wind Website


Wind Turbines

WindTronics V6500


Blade Tip Power system (BTPS), This turbine is different
because it has the magnets power system in the rim,
instead of the Hub, like other turbines,

WindTronics/HoneyWell website

rooftop photo

both turbines wind lab



The Energy Ball

The Energy Ball is designed in Holland.

Low cut in speed (7 mph)
Low noise, vertually silent
Can be mounted on a Pole, Building or
directly on your home.

It can survive 90 mph wind.

Energy Ball

E Ball Eball spinning

V200s Cisco Texas
Two V-200 Energy Ball Wind Turbines in Cisco, Texas


Dallas eball
Downtown Dallas being tested at El Centro College

The Energy Ball is available in two sizes; the

V100 - a 500 watt system in 35 wind

V200 - 2500 watt system in 42 mph wind


Both systems are installed with their own inverters.
The design is for low cut in wind speed
and very low noise.

Eball graph

Dealerships available, contact us for more information.

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