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Solar Water heating can be done in a few different ways. In Texas we use a drainback system. Water is sent to Solar panels Indirectly and is heated by the sun. A heat exchange coil is housed in a small drainback tank on top of your water heater, and heats the water in your tank. Solar water heating can heat 85% of your household water needs throughout the year. The only time your electric or gas system will need to run is when we have overcast or inclimate weather..AET video of how it works. SOLAR WATER HEATING DRAINBACK VIDEO

Here are some examples of systems we have installed.


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Solar water heating systems can save up to 30% of an electric bill, paying for themselves in just under 4 years

Currently there is a 30% tax credit from the federal government for installing these systems.


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Systems can be installed for a single family or multi-family dwelling. System sizing is calculated by the amount of water to be heated on a daily basis.



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Zero Energy Home in Frisco, Texas

view a PDF of a Solar collector spec sheet

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