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Systems Integration

We perform site evaluations to find the best solutions for your power needs. Please contact us for a site evaluation.


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Solar Power is continuing to grow as an industry.
In Texas we measure the cost/payback, to decide the right solutions for your needs. From remote lighting/security, backup power, or a full integrated grid tied system, we have the capability to size a system for your needs.

Here are some examples of systems provided;

lightstand pv security cameraParking lot lighting
Street lighting systems/Security system power

remote power carport power
Remote systems for direct or backup power

5KW residential system
Residential Solar power - 5KW power system

5KW on a barn
5 KW on a barn in North Texas

Racks and panels
Installing Racks and Panels in Arlington, Texas South side
of the house,

We can Design/build to your specifications.
We work with Architects and Engineers in the
planning stages and help with installation when
the decision has been made to build a new system.

Please contact us to talk about your specific
needs and we will design a system for you.

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