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System sizing

We measure the surface area of your pool and determine the number  of panels needed to heat the pool. Please contact us for a free site evaluation.

Each system is covered by a 12 year manufacturers warranty, and we warranty the installation for
1 year.

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     Solar is a cost effective way to extend your swim season

     Solar Panels mounted on the roof or on a ground rack can double your swim

     season  in Texas. Installation takes a couple of days and systems will last for

     30 years or more.

standard roof mounted Solar pool system - 9 panels

panels mounted on a patio

6 panels
6 panels colors blend in with the roof

ground rack
ground racking system

how it works pic

Flow dynamics

Connecting to your pool pump,

connections 1

Water is diverted via a three way valve, from the
filter and sent to the roof when heat is needed.
The red ball valves and water taps, are to drain the
panels when freezing might occur. Sensors take
care of keeping your pool warm automatically.

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Commercial Solar Pool Heating

We have installed many commercial sized systems, savings are based on the price of natural gas, and not having use it to heat your pool.

Mexia state school
Mexia State School - The State of Texas

richmond state school Richmond State school - The State of Texas

Austin Apartment systemApartment complex pool system - 16 panels

Corpus Christi state school
Corpus Christi - State of Texas

Lubbock, Texas - State of Texas

We will Design/build to your specifications, we
work with Architects and Engineers in the
planning stages, or to retrofit an existing pool.

Please contact us to talk about your specific
needs and we will design a system for you.

Frequently asked questions click here

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