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Fan sizes and pricing

A 10 watt attic fan moves 850 cu. ft. per minute.

A 20 watt attic fan moves 1250 cu. ft. per minute.


10 watt - $450.00

20 watt - $600.00

We no longer install fans, we can assist you with instructions on how it is completed.


Our Solar attic fan has the best warranty in the industry. 25 years on the housing, solar panel, and motor!

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Cooling your attic will help your air conditioner run less often

Solar powered attic fans save money by cooling and reducing moisture in your attic.

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A solar attic fan requires no electricity to power it, the sun provides the power.

A solar attic fan will lower the temperature in your attic as much as 50 degrees allowing your air conditioner to work less. Attic fans also reduce the moisture that decays wood and insulation over time. If your electric bill is over $150.00 per month, in the summer months,
a solar attic fan will pay for itself in the first two years of use.

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Our solar attic fans are all metal construction, and will not degrade in the Texas heat like similar plastic fans on the market. Installation takes about an hour, or you can make it a do-it-yourself project.
We currently have solar attic fans that have been in place for over 10 years, and still running strong.

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Please contact us to talk about a fan for you.


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