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Energy for the future
We are committed to helping you find the answers to your energy needs. We have enough Solar Thermal Energy on our part of the globe to reduce or eliminate the need for other forms of energy..

Sunrise Solar of DFW, has been in business since 2000. We are the largest Solar Thermal energy installer in the State, and have installed over 400 Commercial and Residential systems. We sell, install, and service both Domestic Hot water systems, and Solar Pool heating for Commercial and Residential Customers.

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Solar Power 5KW 24 panels

Denton ISD school solar hot water
Solar hot water Denton ISD


North Texas Association of Energy Engineers
As Members of the NTAEE, we are committed to finding the best fit for each project, and are constantly in touch with new ideas.

As a Leader in our industry, we are continuing to build relationships, and helping to grow the Renewable Energy Marketplace..


WindTronics VT6500

WindTronics VT-6500 At El Centro College - Dallas, Texas